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Maximize your returns as well as customer satisfaction

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We offer quality options for all your TPA needs

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We provide efficient, friendly service aimed at helping our clients grow.

Our mission is to enhance the reputation of our customers in the eyes of their policyholders, agents, and regulators through competent, efficient administration.


Our work is based on the principle that it is our job to mold our services to fit the needs of our customers. We do not force our clients to adapt to our methods of doing business, but seek to provide services in the manner that our clients request. From new business processing to claims administration, Landmark Admin works with its clients to provide their back office needs in the way that they need it. Landmark Admin is a flexible company and can work with your company on its individual administration needs in order to maximize returns as well as customer satisfaction.

• Receipt and input of applications
• Communications with agents and customers to resolve any issues with applications

• Checking of third party databases such as MIB and Rx checking
• Review of underwriting concerns as directed by client
• Rating or decline of applications, or recommending the same

Payment of commissions as driected by client, including advances with reserve, daily commissions, direct deposit of commissions, commission splits

• Onboarding of new agents
• Support for multi-agent hierarchies
• Dissemination of agent bulletins
• Agent alerts via email
• Agent loan processing
• Web access for agents, including interactive policy listings, compensation information and reports

• Answering all customer questions
• Handling all aspects of policy maintenance administration such as beneficiary and ownership changes, surrenders, loans, assigments
• Responding to policy locator requests

• Billing and collection of all premiums via:
• Direct bill
• Web Bill (Home Service)
• Specialized electronic collection (handheld uploads)
• Direct Express
• Coupon Books

• Processing of claims and payments
• Contestable claim review scalable from client notification up to gathering all records, reviewing the same, and recommending action to client

• Reporting to reinsurers
• Reinsurance accounting

Provision of all policy data needed for preparation of statutory reports, including reserve valuations, premium reporting, policy exhibits

• Responses to Department of Human Services
• Responses to consumer complaints and maintenance of complaint logs
• Support for regulatory examinations
• OFAC checking
• DMF matching as directed by client
• Child support checking
• 1099 tax reporting
• Premium taxes

• Conversion off administrative platforms to QL Admin
• Customizable reporting
• Website assistance
• Creation of all system requirements for administration, from plan code setup to final benefit payments and reporting


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••• Our Culture

We foster a transparent, cohesive relationship with our clients

Unlike many administrators that have an “our way is the only way” mentality, we understand that each company has unique operating requirements. While we are happy to provide advice on ways of approaching processes, we ultimately strive to provide a custom fit solution for our clients that best fits their individual needs. Our phones are answered by human beings, and our average call wait times are remarkably low.

••• Customer Care

Custom Services for Individual Needs

We currently service approximately a quarter of a million policies. We use QL Admin as our administrative system platform, and its robust ability, flexibility and ease of use allows us to service policies in an economical and efficient manner. We also use Hyland’s OnBase imaging and workflow system for electronic storage of documents. Clients can be given remote access to both of these systems to keep track of their business or to participate in administration at any point in the policy life-cycle.

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