Our Process


Our process is made to fit your business and not the other way around.

Key Stages of Our Process

Our process begins with initial contact. We meet with prospective clients and engage in a consultation period to determine the current services rendered by said client. We then begin planning to determine the necessary steps to address all services we will be performing and how to optimize the experience for the client. With an initial plan in place, we meet with the client to review and make adjustments to the plan to ensure all services needed are properly addressed. We then implement and go live with services. Provided services are continually reviewed to assure client satisfaction.

Client Discovery

Admin Needs

Optimized Admin Solution

Our unique method is personalized for all your TPA needs

Unlike many adminsitrators that have an “our way is the only way” mentality, we understand that each company has unique operating requirements. While we are happy to provide advice on ways of approaching processes, we ultimately strive to provide a custom fit solution for our clients that best fits their individual needs. Our phones are answered by human beings, and our average call wait times are remarkably low.

••• Optimized admin solutions

There are many reasons why outsourcing administration makes sense: fixing unit costs, managing an “odd” block, leveraging outside expertise, managing employee base, and creating an incubator for growth of a new product to name a few. Whatever your reason, put Landmark Admin to work for you and let us create a custom fit for your administration needs. Whether you are only seeking administration of a single new product, or you need to convert a block of policies off of an outdated, unsupported or inefficient administrative system, we have a solution for you. 

• Goals of the client in seeking TPA services
• Lines of business
• New policies, existing block, or combination
• Stages of the policy life cycle
• From initial application to final claim payment, or somewhere in between
• Distribution methods
• Agency Support
• Accounting services
• Compliance services

• Discovery of the fine details of what the client desires
• Review of conversion needs, if necessary
• Collaboration on best practices for meeting client’s needs
• Determining client’s desired timeline for implementation

• Review for clarification and modification if necessary

• System conversion, policy plan setup, agency setup, accounting support, etc
• System testing

• Reporting to reinsurers
• Reinsurance accounting

• Are client’s expectations being met?
• Are there improvements to the process that we can implement?

• Conversion off administrative platforms to QL Admin
• Customizable reporting
• Website assistance
• Creation of all system requirements for administration, from plan code setup to final benefit payments and reporting

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