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Helping our clients reach their optimal potential

Landmark Admin’s goal is to increase value of our clients by providing low cost back office administrative systems for life and annuity companies. With integrity and efficiency, Landmark Admin works alongside our clients to help them reach their optimal potential.




We operate with our clients in a transparent, efficient, and team-oriented manner

No two insurance companies are alike. In a highly competitive market, it is often uniqueness that helps one company shine over its competition. Our vision is to provide the uniqueness your company desires to stand out. Instead of forcing our clients to do business our way, we work to do business your way. Our vision is to be known as the administrator that helps companies uniquely and positively serve their customer base.

Cindy joined Landmark in 1985 straight out of Howard Payne University where she earned her BBA in 1985. Cindy took over as Director of Information Services in 1993. She has overseen...


Cindy Walker

Director of Information Services

Karen joined Landmark in 2006. She has worked for the company in all facets of policy administration, including premium accounting, policy maintenance, and benefits processing. Karen took over her current duties...


Karen Loudermilk

Director of Home Service Administration

Lorena has been with Landmark since 2002 and has vast experience and knowledge in customer service as well as handling claims. In 2017, she assumed her current role as Director of...


Lorena Constancio

Director of Life Insurance Administration

Margaret started with Landmark in 2012. Margaret initially served as Director of Compliance and Quality Control. In 2014 she took on her current role of overseeing all aspects of...


Margaret Murphy

Director of Annuity Services

Terry began his tenure with Landmark in 1994 in agency, sales and new business. He continues to oversee all aspects of these areas. Terry has grown Landmark’s agency force...


Terry Wilson

Director of Sales, Agency, and New Business

Craig started working with Landmark in 2001 as its CFO and Corporate Secretary/Treasurer. He oversees all accouting functions, statutory and regulatory reporting. Craig previously worked at Texas Life, American...


Craig Collier

Chief Financial Officer

The newest addition to our team, Chris joined Landmark in 2016. Chris is responsible for all aspects of compliance and legal issues. Prior to starting with Landmark, Chris worked as...


Chris Munson

Corporate Counsel

Tom joined Landmark in 1991, as Director of Sales and Marketing, and has served as president and CEO of the company since 1996. He functions as both the executive...


Tom Munson


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